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Dave Hayward

Dave Hayward

Since 1970 Dave Bryant Hayward has advocated for LGBTQ rights. 


Co-founding Washington, D.C.'s Gay Liberation Front when he was a student at George Washington University,  Hayward migrated to Atlanta to become one of the core collective that produced Atlanta's 1972 Pride March.  "The city too busy to hate" finally granted Pride a permit to march in the streets and not on the sidewalks, when they conceded we are indeed a minority.


Since 1972 Hayward has assisted every Atlanta Pride, and served as a Grand Marshal for the 2016 Atlanta Pride.


Serving in countless LGBTQ rights groups, Hayward is first and foremost a journalist who is published in local, regional, national and international publications.  He has written for The Advocate, OUT Magazine, and Frontiers Magazine among many others.


In 2002 he dragooned his longtime friend and mentor, the late Berl Boykin, into concocting Touching Up Our Roots to share our community's stories.  He has interviewed scores of folks for National Public Radio's Story Corps Project, all archived at the Library of Congress.  In addition he has produced interviews and documentaries on camera of LGBTQ luminaries.